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    Weekly Leadership Lessons

    • How to Give a Great Presentation or Speech

    • Lead Yourself and Ignite Your Core

    • How to Inspire Excellence in a Hybrid Work World

    • How to Give an Effective Performance Review

    • How to Lead Team Members Not Having Success

    • A Simple Exercise Coaches Use to Help Professionals Achieve Their Goals

    • How to Evaluate Top Talent and Their Fit

    • How to Give Recognition Without Spending a Dollar

    • How to Set Coaching Standards

    • Leadership Over Friendship

    • How to Have a Productive Coaching Session

    • How to Reject Complacency in Yourself and Others

    • Standards to Raise the Level of Excellence and Accountability

    • How to Set Clear Priorities

    • How to Handle Turnover

    • How to Lead with Empathy

    • How to Onboard New Team Members

    • The Secret to Improving Performance

    • Personal Goal Setting

    • Goal Setting for Teams

    • Be a Great Active Listener

    • How to Inspire Others with Storytelling

    • Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

    • How to Improve Your Presentations or Speeches

    • How to Lead with Purpose

    • How to Build Better Relationships

    • How to Give Recognition That Works

    • 3 Levels of Personal Accountability

    • Time Management Best Practices

    • 3 Keys to Success in Your Current Role

    • How to Be a Better Mentor

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    Live Group Coaching Replay

    • Coaching For Achievement Workshop

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    The 3 Minute Leader Articles

    • How to Motivate a Complacent Team

    • Are You a Manager or a Leader?

    • How To Lead Your Remote Team

    • When To Use Coaching vs. Feedback

    • 4 Avoidable Mistakes Leaders of Underperforming Teams Make

    • How to Effectively Lead Others in Uncertain Times

    • How to Lose the Respect of Your Team in One Simple Step

    • If You Don’t Like to Serve, Don’t Try to Lead

    • The Unconventional Way To Show Your People You Care

    • Why You Should Focus on Leading Not Being Friends

    • Why You Can't Fall In Love With Your Title

    • How to Navigate Office Politics

    • How to Lead in a Major Moment of Adversity

    • The 1 Minute Leadership Technique to Show Others You Care

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    Lead Your Best Video Series

    • Lead Your Best By Surviving the Test

    • How to Build Confidence as a Leader

    • How to Use Coaching and Feedback

    • Why Leadership is Your Responsibility

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    Audio Leadership Lessons

    • Survive the Test

    • How Leaders Make Better Decisions

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John Eades

John Eades is the CEO of LearnLoft and the author of Building the Best. He also is the host of the Follow My Lead Podcast and was named one of LinkedIn's Top Voices in Management and Workplace.